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Nikki Henry, MPA

Ladies Leading Ladies
Founder & CEO
Fresno, California Area
Okay let’s be real, I am a dork — but a passionate dork. I busted my butt in school and college, kicked ass (and continue to kick ass) in the nonprofit sector, but I’ve always kept an eye on the fun of life. I’ve always believed that impactful work is fueled by the experiences outside of the office.

I love everything the Bachelor, Harry Potter, Friends, and my role model is Leslie Knope. I wake up every day and want to hang with Hoda Kotb & Savannah Guthrie, read theSkimm, meditate with Cory Muscara, and try my hardest to turn into someone who loves exercise. (WHY CAN’T I DO IT?!) PS – if you haven’t noticed, I love overusing exclamation points cause life is exciting!

I try to travel as much as humanly possible, and one of my wedding vows (cause this is just so me) is that I vowed to plan the absolute most amazing trips of our lives without my husband having to lift a finger. Sounds selfless right? Well it’s not, I’m a control freak and totally get my jollies from planning my fun to the T and seeing the people I bring along for the ride light up with excitement and joy as they experience my plans coming to fruition.

This pure joy of planning and structuring has helped me tremendously as I’ve grown as a leader, and help others grow as leaders, but is also something I’ve learned to be aware of to avoid letting that control freak mute others creativity and innovation.

But how does all of this relate to my journey with Ladies Leading Ladies? How does this set me up to help you and your teams in your leadership journey? Well here’s my professional and honest bio to answer that question:

“Nikki is fueled by the missed opportunities she has witnessed and lived through herself, by her optimism that the workplace can be better for her and the next generation, and by the incredible energy of the women she surrounds herself with every day.

Nikki has her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and a Master of Public Administration. She has worked in victim advocacy, workforce development, social services, economic development, and philanthropy. She currently serves as a Commissioner for the Fresno Housing Authority, a Board Member with the Child Care & Development Local Planning Council, and a founding committee member of Dress for Success Fresno.

In the past she has been a Women’s Policy Institute Fellow of the Women’s Foundation of California, an honoree of Fresno’s 40 under 40 at age 28, and the recipient of the Women’s Empowerment Award at Central Washington University. She brings this breadth of experience and passion to her everyday challenge of helping women find their voices and lead both professionally and personally.”